Privacy Policy & Terms of services

A privacy policy is a document that details what personal information we collect from our users, how we use it, and how we keep it private.

The exact contents required will depend on the applicable laws or policies. Also, the definition of what constitutes “personal information” varies, but it often includes names and email addresses, and sometimes IP addresses and browser cookies.

In the information age, data is the new currency. Private information on individuals is very valuable to advertisers, businesses, and governments.

Today, many countries consider privacy to be a fundamental human right and have passed legislation to protect individuals from their information being collected and used without their knowledge. Data privacy laws usually require that anyone collecting personal information via their website needs to have a statement on how and why they do so.

According to many privacy laws, we can be fined or even prosecuted if we collect personal information without informing our users, or if we violate our own privacy policy.

this is important that you (user, visitor of this website) should know and understand our legal laws. please check out our privacy policy pages and all legal pages that provided below :

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Terms of use
  3. Cookie privacy policy 
  4. COPPA – Children’s online Privacy Policy 
  5. Disclaimer
  6. DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy
  7. Linking Policy 
  8. Testimonials Disclosure